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February 03, 2016



Well i will continue to read your blog even if it's not linked elsewhere. :)

I love the beautiful alcohol ink cards - those are just stunning. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the dragonfly and the butterfly. Those are amazing. You should totally sell those.

I'm looking forward to starting the Sunny Log Cabin CAL. Maybe next week. Things are a little hectic here this week.

Oh, and I love the Monkeys. That's a beautiful yarn - it works divinely with the pattern!

Barb R.

I will read your blog too - it's quite fun to read and see what craft-y ness you are doing.

I think your baby shower invites are just adorable and that alcohol ink papers is stunning..I honestly don't understand the technique and/or process but it does seem fascinating.


You are so creative! I love the blanket you are making (what is it about that ripple stitch? Love it!!!) and the cards are so pretty and look so professional!


I found your blog by Lucy's post. Just want to say that you are now on my favorite's list. So glad I came across it. Thanks for sharing all your crafts!

mrs. smythe

I continue to draw inspiration from your creativity! Found you through Attic 24 and will continue to check in to see what you're working on.


Hurrah! I can be a smug person who thinks shes better than others because she's been reading your blog for a few years! In all seriousness though the sock drawer deserves its fame.


Your socks on Attic 24 led me to your blog. What a happy accident!!
I'm a former papercrafter (the hobby seems to be hibernating here), and current crocheter.
Love everything I've seen here!!

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