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January 14, 2016



And that's how it begins! Just a little innocent crochet...and before you know it, you're completely hooked. :D
All of your work is beautiful -- can't wait to see more of those new blanket squares.


I'm so impressed!!! I keep thinking I need to learn to crochet, but I have a lot of knit blankets in process!!! I need to slowly back away!


Your Willow squares are beautiful! I love your color choices, they're so perfect. I've been wanting to try Stylecraft DK too and the Deramores folks keep sending me sales ads.

The Other Jennifer

I guess I'll have to go back to crochet! Lovely squares. I've thought about ordering the yarn from Lucy, but I have no place to put more yarn :-)


The Willow squares are beautiful. I love the idea of the black between them but I'm not sure it pops enough with just the join in black? But I also wonder if it will be more pronounced once you have a lot of joins...?

For the temperature blanket, I like the magenta where you have it because I like the contrast it will give with the couple colors to either side of it. But if you're looking for more of a gradation from cool colors to warm colors, then I think you need to move it.

Amphibiaknitter / Pinkky

I didn't realize that your temperature blanket was a granny square one - that's kind of neat.

Thanks for the UK blog links. I have a couple of others that I look at as well; I'll link them in my next blog post.

Where did you find the actual Willow pattern? I am thinking I might try one or two of those out of Bugga, but all I can find is the tutorial for the edging.

Love the blankets. That Bugga blanket makes me weak in the knees.

Jill Niemiec

Make that four loyal blog viewers. I had a little posting problem last week! Jill


Going backwards to catch up on all your posts. Love everything I've seen. The Sunburst afghan I made is a favorite of mine. The pattern is just fun to make.
One question. What's a Bugga blanket?? Is that the yarn or the pattern name??
Guess I haven't gone that far back yet...

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