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January 02, 2016


Pinky (still reading the Blog)

I love the idea of knitting Monkey socks in the year of the Monkey.

But I'm not going to commit to any particular schedule for my knitting in 2016.

I am going to crochet a blanket, and I think I am going to use Bugga. I think a 2.75 mm hook may be a bit too small for Bugga, so I am going to wait until my new needles arrive. I think I am going to do solid hexagons. The idea of joining yarn for crochet is too fiddly. But I will put my newfound crochet skills to work. I look forward to seeing how yours progresses.

Skipping Dots is a nice pattern. Your yarn choices should look good with it.


well...I've read your post too (and it was interesting!) ^^ so that's 4 now! :D

The Other Jennifer

I've been reading your blog for awhile now, but I just don't comment. I just recently started commenting on Jennifer's blog, so I guess I'll start commenting here too so you don't stop blogging! I enjoy reading it :-)


That's lot of work here!! and beautiful things.
I love the choice of colours for your temperature blanket.I am looking forward this banket!
have a great day


I read your blog! I am always inspired by your socks (from the SKA group)and your yarn purchases!! :)


I love reading your blog too, Christine! I shop vicariously through your stash acquisitions (and Jennifer's) and I enjoy reading about your projects. Your Bugga! blanket is so beautiful and it must feel amazing :-).


I read it too and now I want to make a granny square.


Hey - I read your blog too. I just don't comment...you are the one that put me on the path of too much Hazel Knits yarn in my stash!

Connie Cox

I follow your blog too. Just don't comment. I love all the blue yarn in your stash too (my weakness along with purple).


Looks like you definitely have more than 3 readers!


Ha! Looks like you have lots of readers still!

I'm excited about the Hazel Knits Monkey socks for Jan.Feb. I think I'm finally going to use my coveted Chuckanut Drive and make another pair of Monkeys :-) I made another Cookie pattern with my Grape Harvest, Jubilee I think, and it is a fabulous color. I think you'll be really happy with it.

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