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January 25, 2016


The Other Jennifer

Loving your crochet! And Monkey Socks are my favorite sock pattern. Did you see your sock storage on Attic 24's blog today?

mrs. smythe

My mother is a crocheter and she has often said she thinks the knitting community looks down on crocheters. She feels yarn stores that cater to knitters are "snooty". Is it because knitting is perceived as more difficult and more time consuming? She thinks the crochet population is more light-hearted and easy-going. And, yes, sometimes more tacky, as in the infamous toilet paper covers - which, yes, she made one once. I don't think I'm biased (I knit and crochet), but I do prefer the look of knitting to crochet for garments and afghans.


Oh, seeing all of your beautiful blankets makes me want to start one!!! I love crocheted blankets. I can see how that perception of knitters being snooty - all of my crochet friends say that it's easier than knitting. I personally think crochet is tougher, LOL!

Barb R.

Hi Christine - I "discovered" your blog through Attic24 and I am in complete awe of your knitting! Talk about prolific and busy! WOW!!

Can you help me, please? When I try to find your blog, I can't find it. The only way I seem to be able to get to your blog is through the link on Attic24's site. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your assistance.


ann fitzgerald

hi. Just found your blog..what lovely work. I also have lots of WIP's. Your sock drawers are marvellous. I am firstly a knitter but I now love to crochet using Stylecraft yarn ( like what Lucy uses) and do blankets for charities either 1 very large or smaller granny squares. I am addicted to mitred square blankets. I will be a regular reader. Ann

mrs. smythe

I already commented once on the knitting/crochet debate, but I read this last night in Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Around" and thought it was interesting. She writes of an aunt, "she...suggested that I cease my new passion for crochet and return to knitting, since crochet was just 'done by the servants!'"


Crochet is far more difficult than knitting.. I think anyone who is creative, creates items from a simple ball of yarn, either crochet or knitted is sharing a little something of themselves and is wonderful.


Beautiful afghans, Christine. This resurgence of colorful granny afghans I've been seeing almost (almost) make me want to take up crocheting again. I envy your socks stash. Wait! Did I just say that? I've been working hard these last few years to knit down my sock stash.....LOL

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