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December 28, 2015



Oh wow, a lot has been happening! Hope you're feeling better now, that's quite a scare. And your cards are gorgeous!


What a scary event! Really glad to hear you're ok. It's always nice to see a new post from you -- it's been forever since I participated in SKA on Ravelry....the lure of too many patterns and pretty yarns pulled me out of my sock vortex. Oh, I still knit socks (there's always a sock project going). But there are so many things in my queue, what's a girl to do? Your cards are great and just might inspire me to make some of my own -- its also been an age since I stamped any cards! I'd love to see whatever you post, whether it's knitting or card-making. I do love seeing your yarn purchases!

Pinky (still reading the Blog)

I can't believe I missed this. I've been checking your blog for ages, but obviously haven't checked in the last few days.

Good to have you back, and I'm glad that you're okay heart-wise. That's scary. (I love how you packed your toiletries and your knitting).

I think those cards are just gorgeous.

I love all the yarn you've bought. And I'm impressed that you've bought a sweater quantity. Good for you. I don't have the patience.

I was looking at your project pages recently because I've been thinking about doing a blanket or something. I like how your mitered square blanket is coming out. I can't believe you have 560-odd squares. Wow.

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