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March 23, 2012


gray la gran

ha! Denise has not yet set aside any for august :p. Instead, she's trying to be "good" and knit pairs. Though, she's not very good at being good!

As always, your shawl knitting is exquisite, your stash is to die for, and your firestarter looks awesome =)


Tell us how you really feel about twisted stitches. My arms hurt from a serious amount of cabling. The color affection shawl is beautiful.

Susan from Buffalo (not my fault)

You are a grown woman with freedom of choice. I'm just being a good friend when I point out these patterns that I think you would like. Just be happy that I don't send you links for new yarn.


Your color affection shawl is beautiful! That's a really nice selection of colors you put together.

Firestarter looks great! I've had that in my queue too for what seems like forever. Your pictures last week inspired me to finally cast it on too. I started it yesterday :-)

Enjoy the weekend!

Pinky who has 11 single socks to finish

The Color Affection shawl is 84"??? Wow. That's why I'll never do shawls -- to much commitment. It's beautiful.

I love the Firestarter. I think I have the pattern; I will put it in my queue.

I'm glad Susan is strong-willed. Someone has to be strong in the face of your enabling!

I love that yellow sock -- what is it?

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