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September 01, 2011



Wow! That's impressive. Congratulations. Love the Romi shawl too. I need to go check that out.


You did a fabulous job on your second socks. I love the top 2 choices for the shawl. Just think with those seven socks, that could have been 3 pairs of socks and one left over. Very impressive.


Congrats on all the 2nd socks! I know it was a lot of work for you, but it sure was fun to watch it all going on in the SKA group.

For the shawl, I like option 1 best. I think it has the best contrast without being too loud. I wonder if the 3rd choice might look a little washed out. It's too much work for it not to pop.

Have a good weekend!


Your knitting is beautiful. And I agree that your DIY socks look like the Sept. Mock. Wow.

I have a couple skeins of Bugga Painted Damsel. I love that colorway and in person I think it is a little darker than the photos. I really like the last one with the blue yarn, is that the Potato Leafhopper? I am just a blue girl so I pick that one.

Thank you so much for doing the August finish your socks challenge. I didn't knit a lot of pairs but I did get 2 pairs finished which I am so glad about. The last pair I didn't post but it took me a year to finish it. Thank you for inspiring us.

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