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August 20, 2011



That does look like a fantastic store and a great side trip when visiting your son! COmfy seating, winders, and good light. It looks like they have a great button selection too, which I think is a sign of a great yarn store. Who wants to invest in great yarns and patterns without quality items to accessorize with too?

Janice Goldstein

What a pretty yarn shop.
Just found your blog (we seem to be in a lot of the same Ravelry groups), Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reliving the Sock Summit in your posts. What a great time that was. BTW I was at the lunch in Burgerville with Janel and Cookie too. Ooooo starstruck.
Love your enthusiasm, it made my day.


Wow! Love the yarn shop! Drooling...:D


Wow - what a gorgeous yarn shop! Lucky, lucky you!

P.S. How does it feel to be the mom of a college kid?

Pinky, who needs to move to the USA because of the yarn stores

OMG! That's awesome. I may have to go and visit Alex just so that I can see the shop. And if it's only a three hour drive, you're laughing.

I LOVE the bison.

Thanks for the link to the online store. I'm off to do some Windows shopping. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Klunk.


Wow! What a beautiful shop! Makes me want to take a drive to Fargo and I live in California!

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