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October 10, 2010



Bad Brain!! Bad influence! Love that smooshy cashmere Rock the Olive. Green goodness!!!


oooh so you're the one responsible for snapping up the frog legged leaf beetle .... I love the tuileries and the Kristen Kapur. I may have to dig those out. Nice. You inspire me to keep going so I can do some more stuff. Yee ha! Love the Artemis and Apollo as well.


Wow look at that Bugga! Sounds like the Mr. Greenjeans will work...you can do it!


Reading this blog is sooo bad for my bank balance - couldn't even get to the end without a little 'visit' to SG LOL!

Good luck with Mr Greenjeans - can't wait to see it finished and proudly worn :-)

Chris DuBay

I have SO lost you to knitting....I do enjoy reading about your yarn. There was a time when it was about "paper" and or "baskets".....

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