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October 29, 2010



Loving the variegated 3IG - and the Apollo/Artemis socks! Could you send me some of your knitting/sock mojo please - mine's gone missing!

Susan from Buffalo

I am posting on your blog!! Hope it sticks this time


I think you should ask for a "count" of those who are following your blog....
I am a silent reader...don't have anything to
say...other than I enjoy you buying yarn, so I can vicariously enjoy...however from time to time you entice me to indulge...
thanks for the entertainment
sherrie in tx


Congrats on the finish! I love the color you chose. The Sweet Georgia looks like a nice yarn, smooth, squishy and evenly spun. Now, the 3IG? I don't think I would renew the club until I had knit with at least one of the club skeins. I would hate to spend the money before knowing that I like the yarn. Is there one in your stash that you could use for a challenge next month to help you decide?


Oh how excited I am for my October 3IG shipment. I'll probably get mine in December ...

I've been a member of the 3IG sock yarnista club for at least 18 months. I may have knit 3 skeins, but that doesn't stop me. If I had to knit a skein before ordering, I'd have only 12 things in my stash and life would be boring.

I say renew 3IG. It's only $33 if you don't decide you want extra skeins.

Love the Artemis and Apollo BTW.

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