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October 16, 2010



You need to make your own sock club to give to others as you have SABLE!!! What pattern are those Unique Sheep skeins for?


There's really no such thing as SABLE. It's just a matter of adjusting the life expectancy.

RSC is only $235? If that's the case, I'll join again. It's my first sock club love.

I love the Gradiance yarns by Unique sheep. Midnight Delight is beautiful. What shawls are you going to do?

HEY -- we should do a shawl kal. That would force me out of my comfort zone.


Frankly, you can always take your yarn with you to the nursing home. I used to work in one and I discussed knitting frequently with those who knit. They were in awe of my yarn. I want to be buried with my yarn.


Oh, that's so pretty! Lovely yarn.

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