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October 22, 2010



The key is "I have no plans for Tranquil." Send it -- you'll feel good about making someone else happy.

In terms of the points....HK Coleus and the green one = 0 because they're yarn club. Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer is 2, Milkweed is 1, which = 3 But you're sending a skein to your swap partner (-1), and you're destashing 2 Lorna's Laces (1 point for the 2 50-g skeins) in two different colours = -2. So your total for today is Zero.

So your total is still +21.


My completely uneducated guess will be 19, because I have been "Brainwashed" and I am your minion.


I'd say give up the tranquil since you have no plans for it. You can replace it later if you decide you miss it. And it would be a -1 :-)
I agree with Pinky, I think your total is 21 also. And there's nothing wrong with some vegetables in your yarn diet ;-) In fact, you might need more! LOL


The total is definitely 21, and I would give up the tranquil too (which would make your total 10 :)).


You're still at 21!! :)


I agree -- 20 if you gave up the Fiberphile Tranquil.

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