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October 27, 2010



I am guessing many more people read and don't comment (like me!). I love seeing all of your new yarn and dreaming of the day that I can buy the same....


Chris DuBay

Well I don't understand all of your postings regarding knitting & yarn but I sure enjoy the photos. The shawls are great. Keep up your good work.


You have a dizzying intellect. I can't wait to see the "Pattern Plans". The HK looks lovely and the travel swap sounds like fun.


You always have so many great photos! You've lured me into that Hazel Knits yarn club, and now I need to buy at least two sock patterns you've just shown off. Sigh.


See I read too, but hate math, (ask my children why I run from the room when they approach me with their math homework)so I just smile and nod when I read your mental gymanastics tracking your yarn. So if you decide to limit yourself to 10 points/yarn for the rest of the year, just count me as your backup designated knitter to graciously accept any overflow you may have. Just trying to help you see!


I commented the other day, but it didn't show up. Hmmm.... Anyway, what a beautiful shawl/scarf from Susan! And those stitch markers are fabulous too :-) And so special because her son made them. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the HK and beads.

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